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Table Tennis Master's 'Mastery' DVD series will show you how to master your table tennis skills as fast as possible.

Mastering your serve is the fastest way to take your game to the next level. Building up an arsenal of deadly serves will win you more points, give you more confidence, and allow you to intimidate and defeat opponents that are presently better than you.

The serve is the most important shot in table tennis, and this DVD has everything you need to master it in no time.

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The forehand loop is the most dynamic and powerful shot in table tennis, and this DVD reveals everything you need to know to master it - FAST.

You'll learn how to perform slow loops, loop drives, and loop kills like a pro. As well as the the counter-loop and third, fourth and fifth ball attacking strategy.

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Having a strong forehand attack is simply not enough. Developing a lethal backhand loop will make you a much more dangerous player and a greater offensive threat to your opponents.

In this DVD you'll discover how to perform backhand slow loops, loop drives, loop kills, and counter-loops. As well as backhand sidespin hook and fade loops.

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Forget spin, finesse and defense -- the forehand smash is raw, ruthless, offensive power. This incredible DVD shows you step-by-step how to master your timing, form, control and execution of the forehand smash. You'll also develop a “killer instinct” and increase your confidence to initiate the attack.

It doesn't matter what style of player you are. The forehand smash is the most deadly stroke in the game and should be a part of every player's arsenal.

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Table Tennis Master's line-up of Xtreme table tennis workout DVDs will whip you into shape and give you the edge you need to dominate the table.

The Xtreme Footwork Conditioning program was designed specifically to improve the footwork and conditioning of a table tennis player and will radically enhance your speed, agility, and stamina as quickly as possible.

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The Xtreme Explosive Power program will dramatically improve your strength, power, flexibility, range of motion, fluency, balance, stability, muscle contraction speed and muscle endurance - all critical elements needed to become a top table tennis player.

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