Andrei Filimon

Andrei Filimon from Romania is currently placed 103rd in the Men’s World Table Tennis rankings by ITTF. The lowest ranking he had reached was 151 in November 2003. In the Men’s Singles event at the Salwa Cup Kuwait Open in February 2007, Andrei Filimon nearly got eliminated in the qualification stage itself. He was playing against Christophe Bertin of France. He recovered from a 2-game to 3 deficit. In the next round, Andrei Filimon was again trailing Cheung Yuk of Hong Kong by one game to three. Cheung took the first game 11-7 and the second 11-8. Andrei Filimon fought back in the third and took it 11-5. Cheung went ahead in the fourth game and won it 11-7.

Now, Andrei Filimon was in real trouble. However, he fought with all that he had. He won the fifth game 11-3. That gave him confidence and he took the sixth game 11-5. In the final decided, both were not budging an inch. It was neck and neck till 9-all. Andrei Filimon managed to remain cool and convert the game to 11-9 victory, as he executed a backhand topspin drive across the table, leaving Cheung flat footed and watching in amazement.

Later, Andrei Filimon commented, “I felt much better today. Yesterday my racket was not so good, it wasn’t so fast; however, today it was fine, everything was good today. Also, yesterday was my first day in the hall, so getting used to conditions in which you’ve never previously played is hard. Playing today I had problems when Cheung Yuk attacked with topspin, the ball didn’t seem to bounce as high as I expected, it kept lower; I’m not sure if it was the table, the ball or his rubber, whatever, it caused me trouble. It was the same for both of us today. I think Cheung Yuk experienced exactly the same problems when he tried to block my topspins.” At that time, Andrei Filimon was ranked hundredth in the world and beating a person ranked twentieth was a real test for his skills and mental toughness.

Another great moment in the table tennis career of Andrei Filimon was when he was playing in the Men’s Doubles final at the Serbian Open in Belgrade in October 2006. His partner was the local hero Aleksandar Karakasevic of Serbia. They were facing the Polish pair of Daniel Gorak and Wang Zeng Yi. Andrei Filimon and Karakasevic started well and won the first game 11-5 but the Poles countered to take the second 11-9. In the third game, Andrei Filimon and Karakasevic again seized control and won 11-8. In the fourth game, Karakasevic was creating the openings and Andrei Filimon was capitalizing on them. The Poles were unable to do much against this combination. They won the fourth game 11-5. Growing in confidence and believing in themselves, they attacked more and more to win the fifth game 11-5 and the Men’s Doubles title. Belgrade rejoiced at the victory of their local hero. Andrei Filimon was part of the celebration.

In 2007, at the Salwa Cup Kuwait Open, Andrei had a tough time, but prevailed against the 20th rank player. He won 7-11, 8-11, 11-5, 7-11, 11-3, 11-5, 11-9.

Recently, Filimon defeated three-time Wang Liquin of China (currently ranked at no. 5 of IITF ranking) at the 2009 World Team Championships.

Andrei Filimon is well-known for his powerful forehand, which he has strengthened through intensive multi-ball training. He plays with the Caen Table Tennis Club in the French League. Filimon lives in Constanta, and enjoys fishing and hunting in his spare time.

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