Petr Korbel

Petr Korbel was born in Czech Republic on June 06, 1971. He is ranked 47th in the ITTF world men’s rankings. In 1988, Korbel won the European Youth Championships held in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia at the age of 17. In the 2000 ITTF Pro Tour held in Toulouse, France, and in the 2000 European Men’s Singles Championships in Bremen, Germany, Korbel reached the semifinals. He again reached the semifinals in the 2003 ITTF Pro Tour held in Aarhus, Denmark. He was placed fourth in the 1996 Olympic Games, held in Atlanta, United States, and in the 2006 ITTF Pro Tour in Doha, Qatar.

It doesn’t happen very often that players invent some new strokes. Petr Korbel’s backhand “Chiquita“ – spin is surely one of them. The method of the Chiquita spin is not actually new but Petr Korbel plays it perfectly so that it is useful on high level.
His personal coach is Dirk Wagner. He plays for the Club named Borussia Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf, Germany

In the Liebherr Qatar Open in Doha on February 17, 2006, Korbel was facing world number one Ma Lin in the semifinals. They had met each four times before in a major international tournament.

On the first two meetings, Ma Lin had beaten Korbel in straight games in the third round of Men’s Singles event at the World Championships in April 2001 and in the semifinals of the Danish Open in 2003. However, in the Volkswagen 48th World Championships in May 2005, the battle between them was very keenly fought, with the match going the full distance of 7 games. In the crucial seventh game, Korbel was leading 7-3 but Ma Lin won the next 8 points in an incredible show of power play to take the match away from Korbel.

As such, a keen tie was anticipated in the Qatar Open in 2006. The first game reached the stage of 7-all, before Ma Lin won a few points with edge balls that was pure luck and took the first game at 11-7. However, Korbel won the second game easily at 11-4. Ma Lin clinched the third and fourth games at 11-6 and 11-9. In fact, Korbel was ahead 6-2 in the fourth game before Ma Lin pulled back to 7-5 and won the game at 11-9. Later, he mentioned that he had a good chance in the fourth game and in hindsight, that game proved to be vital in deciding the match. Even though the Czech star recovered and won the fifth game 12-10, after leading 10-8, he was unable to sustain the momentum in the sixth game. Ma Lin established his ascendancy from the beginning itself to surge to a 5-1 lead. Korbel took a Time Out and won the next 2 points to make it 5-3. However, that was the end of the whole show, with Ma Lin winning the next 6 points in a row and finishing the game at 11-3. Ma Lin entered into the finals.

He caused a major surprise in the third round of proceedings in the Men’s Singles event at the Polish Open in Warsaw in November 2008. He beat Alexei Smirnov (Russia), seeded no. 8, in a hard fought seven games encounter. In 2008 Beijing Summer Games, Petr Korbel’s final standing was 33T.

Another important game in the table tennis career of Petr Korbel was the Danish Open in November 2003 in Aarhus, Denmark. In the quarterfinals, Korbel beat the top ranked Chinese Liu Guozheng. Liu took the first 2 games easily. However, he started putting more pressure on Liu by blocking deep to the forehand of Liu, to the discomfiture of Liu. Korbel leveled to 2-all. Though the fifth game was very close, he won the same. In the sixth game, Korbel was leading from the beginning and he won the first match itself to advance to the semifinals.

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