Ma Long VS Zhang Jike Showdown (WTTC 2013)

Hello there again !

WTTC 2013 @ Paris is going to take place in less than 5 months from now… I bet the atmosphere will be even more electrifying than  it was 10 years ago when Werner Schlager amazed the world of table tennis in the most convincing way.

Ten years after , table tennis fans desire more than anything to watch live a final between the world’s most charismatic and spectacular players : Zhang Jike & Ma Long   ,  No #1 & No #2 in the ittf's world ranking list respectively

In the past season there was always a hot debate about who is the better player in TT forums . Zhang has the titles (Olympics , world cup & world championship that compose a  Grand Slam) & Ma has the best records in pro tours in the past 3 years . Ma is also the fans favorite player because of his miraculous skills away from the table and his devastating forehand attacks .

I am going to compare each player’s skills (in a scale from 1 to 10 , where 10 stands for excellent ) and try to predict the possible outcomes if the two giants meet in the final . Note that Ma has approximately a 4-1 win ratio against Zhang (including Asia events , Pro tours , Chinese trials & Chinese super league matches) , but zhang won most of the crucial matches.

All of the strokes/skills are rated considering one factor only : their overall efficiency . For example : Ma long's BH sidespin flick technique is excellent but his ball placement is often predictable by his opponent, and he gets his receive counter attacked .

So let's cut straight to the chase :

         Ma Long                                                                                                  Zhang Jike

          8.5/10                                                   Service                                          9.5/10

           9/10                                                     Receive                                          9.5/10  

          10/10                                                    FH Loop                                         8.5/10

           9/10                                                    BH Loop                                          10/10

         10/10                                          3rd ball (or) attack with FH                          8/10

          9/10                                           3rd ball (or) attack with BH                        10/10 

         10/10                                      FH consistency (after 3rd ball)                         8/10

        8.5/10                                      ΒH consistency (after 3rd ball)                       10/10

        9.5/10                                                Short Game                                          8/10

        8/10                                Tactics & Adaptation against Opponent                9.5/10


       91.5 / 100                                        OVERALL SCORE                               91 / 100


Please note that i didnt fix the overall scores its just a coincidence that they are so close . I gave these scores after watching and examining almost every encounter between them and taking their results with non chinese players also into consideration . I also didnt take blocking into consideration because ma long almost never uses it so i cant make a fair comparison when it comes to totally different playstyles.


So here are some of the few possible outcomes.

#1 : Sets level up @ 3-3 and 9-9 points in the 7th set. Zhang has clearly the advantage , he has won all matches with the score being very close (china super league 2012 , chinese trials 2010 , slovenia open 2012), except the final in Austria Open 2011.Also Zhang's strong mentality has given him 3 consecutive world titles (in two of them he was rookie) as and stood victorious in many difficult occasions , whereas Ma Long lost 2 close WTTC semifinals , to Wang Hao , 1 world cup semifinal against boll in 2008 and 1 world cup semifnal againsta samsonov in 2009 . Also he lost to timo boll in WTTC 2010 final  . So when the ball is "hot" Zhang is the man for the moment . He almoste never loses a close & important match.

#2 : Ma=FH , Zhang=BH so if the most points are played in FH FH rallies , Ma Long will win , Zhang will win in BH-BH. Also in long rallies Ma long has the advantage (better consistency shots) but in short "killer blow" rallies Zhang is better (better ball placement & kill shots)

#3 : Ma long trails 2-0  . Well here Ma has the advantage , in most of his matches he always begins great , but his performance slowlydecreases , but Zhang is a slow starter with rapidly increasing performance as the match is ending.So the most possible outcome is  that Ma will win 

#4 : Zhang trails 2-0 . Here the situation is that Zhang is most likely to win , but his performance always drops when he is trailing . If the match goes to 2-2 , then whoever gets the 5th set will win . Its all about momentum between these two !

Eventually ,  lets hope that if these two meet in the final , it wont be a one sided match!

Lets check 3 of the best video tributes  out there in youtube about those exquisit players !


Thank you for reading ,  

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Comment by George Charisis on December 24, 2012 at 7:55am

Ma Long is definetely better...he will win .

Comment by gkoutzidis dimitrios on December 24, 2012 at 9:02am

i think WANG HAO is the best player on planet earth ;-)

he has only 1 REAL opponent...and thats HIMSELF!!!

but i believe 2013 he will AT LAST show the world where his home is,and thats sitting on top of the world as NR. ONE!!!! ;-)

Comment by George Dounas on December 24, 2012 at 10:49am

Hehehe , wang hao  is the most consistent chinese player...but he was very unlucky confronting three top players in staggering form @ the olympic finals . He definetely deserved to win a grand slam

Comment by gkoutzidis dimitrios on December 24, 2012 at 10:54am


and he is not only the most consistent but the ONLY one who has a PERFECT technique!!!!

he DESERVES 2 b nr 1!!!and he WILL b as soon as someone 'tha ton KSEMATIAKSI RE GAMOTOOO!!!' LOOOOL

Comment by George Dounas on December 24, 2012 at 12:39pm

Well most of the people want ma long to clinch the gold medal , after his win @ world cup 2012 his confidence is now stronger...let's see what happens ...

And dont forget that there is also Xu Xin accelerating on the "track" !

Comment by gkoutzidis dimitrios on December 24, 2012 at 1:38pm

yeah...they r ALL top players,and ALL of them,also timo,can become first,but STILL,IF wang hao can fix his EMOTIONAL issues then NO1 can beat him,except of CHUCK NORRIS!!!LOL

TECHNICALLY he is on a TOTALLY different level than ALL OTHERS!!!

but although he is asian i m SURE he doesnt use the asian tradition of stilling the mind >>>> MEDITATION!!!!

IF he will do that with success than NO1 can beat him,NOT EVEN CHUCK!!!!LMAO

Comment by gkoutzidis dimitrios on December 31, 2012 at 4:10am

another GREAT article bro!!!u REALLY got what it takes 2 get the job!!m looking forward 2 ur next article,and i m SURE there gonna b MANY since there is NO DOUBT that u will get 1 of the 3 places,and u DESERVE IT!!!KEEP GOIN!!!;-)

Comment by George Dounas on January 6, 2013 at 6:10am

thanx very much dimi , i really appreciate it ! I didnt expect to have positive criticism even from a few guys

tags   gkoutzidis dimitrios

Comment by George Dounas on January 6, 2013 at 6:11am

here is a great angle of the 2011 pro tour grand finals  between those monsters . Great speed and you can see even the amount of sidespin the ball has :D

Comment by George Dounas on January 9, 2013 at 10:46am

and a little "controversy" !


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