Recently we saw another comeback performance from Michael Maze. Maze, from Denmark, was the European Champion in 2009 and since then has been stricken with injuries and physical rehabilitation sessions, a huge disruption to the training schedule and dreams of a potential champion. So how can Michael Maze be absent from the game for so long and still beat the best in Europe?

Well let's observe. Maze dreamed to avenge his loss in Beijing to Primorac by coming back strong at the 2012 London Games. He had to undergo physical rehab after succumbing to injury and not being able to train and compete for quite some time. Maze upset Jun Mizutani in straight sets in London, a huge statement that the Danish player was far from off the international scene. Amongst some controversy he lost in 7 sets to eventual bronze medallist Dimitrij Ovtcharov, a player who he has beaten on a number of occasions since launching his comeback.

Maze was the winner of the European Supercup in 2012 where he beat Ovtcharov twice, including in the final. Again Maze fell victim to injury and spent more than 6 months out of the game and was off the international stage for 2013. The Europe Cup recently held in Switzerland was his big target and he showed his ability again by making the final and beating Ovtcharov, now European Number 1, in the semifinals. So what makes Maze so talented?

Goal Driven:

Michael Maze was a highly ambitious and driven player before, but after suffering injury again and again his goals and dreams only grew stronger and his passion for table tennis has instilled a strong will to fight. Maze is a crowd pleaser and wants to succeed his 'comeback' to table tennis and to the top of Europe.

High Level of Service:

Maze is renowned for his difficult level of service, both pendulum and his signature reverse serve which have a very high rate of success and have proven difficult to receive for even the best players in the world.

Left Handed:

Maze harnesses the very best in angle plays and spin as a left handed player to execute flawless placements and angle plays, along with a high level of play in open rallies.


Well known for his mid-distance chop blocks and round the net backhands, Michael Maze's level of creativity can only be described as 'fearless' he is not afraid to take risks and has incredible touch. His banana backhand shots have been awed over in videos online for many years.


Maze is infamous for his lobbing and defensive game, particularly after his big comeback against Hao Shuai in the 2005 WTTC where he made the semifinals. Maze is not only able to execute a variation of lobbing strokes, but also to counter attack strongly when the opportunity arises.

So as you can see, Michael Maze is a unique talent. Injury has held him back over the years but he never gave up on table tennis and has performed superbly on all his comebacks so far. What can we expect from Maze next?!

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Comment by Aram (Leo) Hassan on February 15, 2014 at 12:55am

Well....Uhm....Michael Maze is simply a`maze`ing, however, he is getting old. I mean, when I watched the last time he played against Ovtcharov, his game was...well..... more stiff. But, I know he´s bad-ass, even though he is getting old. He can beat Ovtcharov even NOW!

Comment by Shawn Miller on February 26, 2014 at 12:26pm

Maze is the best!


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